Dijon Mustard Mousse

I love roasting brussel sprouts vs. steaming them for a different flavor profile.  When we had dinner at a friend’s home, one of their guests put Dijon mustard on their brussel sprouts and it was good (although a bit strong).  So I created a Dijon Mustard Mousse to go with roasted brussel sprouts.  Light, creamy and you can use the Dijon mustard mousse for dipping veggies as well.  Anything to get people to eat more brussel sprouts.


Dijon Mustard Mousse

1 Jar Edmund Fallot Dijon Mustard

One 8 ounce tub Crème Fraiche

4 oz. Mascarpone cream

Truffle Salt & ground pepper to taste


Whip the Crème Fraiche and Mascarpone with an electric mixer until stiff.  Add the mustard and whip until smooth.  Add the salt and pepper.  Serve this with  roasted brussel sprouts or use as a dip with raw vegetables.  This can also work in tuna fish for an amazing sandwich spread.


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