Cherry Salsa

Dear Fellow Foodies:

Summer is finally here and so is cherry season.  Cherries are one of those fruits that has such a short window that we want them in everything when the season is here.  Jois and I just spent a few hours picking cherries at a local orchard on their opening day.  Both pie (sour) cherries and several varieties of sweet cherries covered my counters for a day.  I tend to pit and save the pie cherries because I want fresh cherry pie in December (not gonna happen unless you thought ahead) and pit and eat the sweet cherries in Clafoutis, tarts and one of my favorites to eat them on top of Bellweather Farms Ricotta.  A word of warning for those who decide to undertake pitting lots of sweet cherries:  do this outdoors, wear black and don’t let anyone take your picture because you’ll look like an axe murderer from the spatter patterns.  Also, try really hard not to eat all of your hard work, your tummy will thank me later.

Since David always wants to grill this time of year, we created a cherry salsa that we used on grilled pork tenderloin.  The following is the salsa recipe.

Cherry Salsa for Pork

1 Cup Fresh Sweet Cherries  – pitted and chopped
1 Jalapeno pepper – seeds and ribs removed – chopped fine
1/2 yellow onion – chopped fine
2 Roma tomatoes – seeds removed and chopped
2 Tablespoons Lemon Avocado Oil
4 Tablespoons Barrel Aged Balsamic
Lemon Sea Salt
Cracked Black Pepper

Mix everything together and allow the flavors to meld for approximately 1 hour.

If using Pork Tenderloin, slice horizontally and marinate for 20 minutes in additional lemon avocado oil and barrel aged balsamic.   On a hot grill, place pork and grill until done. (this will cook quickly since it is thinly sliced).  Serve with the cherry salsa, good friends and an icy cold beer (if desired).

Happy Cooking!


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