Pear Walnut Brie Panini

Dear Fellow Foodies:

Working in the shop has many advantages one being the amazing recipes people share with me.  Kim from South Stage Cellars gave me this recipe. The following is a great Panini sandwich that uses the French Walnut Brie we just started carrying.  A very simple concept, and quite delicious!  Our former Jacksonville Gelatoria had a similar sandwich using Proscuitto, Brie and Fig Jam.  I’m sure Kim could help you pick out the perfect wine to go with your panini.

Walnut Brie, Proscuitto  and Pear Panini

Bread of your choice.
Walnut Brie – amount of your choice
2 slices proscuitto
1/2 Pear sliced thin
Caramelized onion (optional) or fig onion tapenade spread
Vanilla Fig Balsamic

Place the walnut brie (you can smear it into the bread) and pear on the bread.  Place Proscuitto on other side.  Add caramelized onion or tapenade (if desired) and drizzle small amount of Vanilla Fig Balsamic over pears.  Press in Panini Press, serve hot.

Happy Cooking!